150-watt DC/AC Converter

150-watt DC/AC Converter
    Code: CI-150
    Price: $299.95
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    It's the Locoverter 150-watt 74 volt DC/AC converter!  Simply connect it to 74 volts DC supply and you get both 12 volts DC and 110 volts AC! Plug any 110 volt AC device into the AC socket and you've got power.

    Comes with a marine grade cigarette lighter plug for 12 volts DC. Both AC and DC can be used at the same time.

    The 150-watt model provides 12.5 DC amps.

    The unit is fan cooled for those big jobs. It measures 3.125 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 8.25 inches long, and weighs under 3 pounds. It is fuse protected and has internal thermal protection circuitry.

    Don't forget to add a Battery Adapter and a USB adapter to your order!

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